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Rethinking Halloween

fall Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It always has been. Is it the candy? No, not really. Is it the costumes? No, never really loved dressing up. Granted, there was a time in my childhood where candy was king and it definitely was a top reason to love Halloween, but even then I never really got into dressing up. Even when I was younger, I think my favorite thing about the holiday was buying a pumpkin and roasting the seeds! As I got older, I started appreciating different things about Halloween, and it didn’t necessarily fall on the 31st. To me, this time of year represents change and renewal. A time of celebration for some, and feast for others. When Liam gets older, I want him to love Halloween too, but not just for the candy and the costumes. I want him to be connected in some sense to the harvest. Perhaps we will bake a pumpkin pie from scratch (mmm..fresh roasted pumpkin!), develop an art project from fallen leaves, or better yet, can squashes! (Who knows how much fun he’ll have canning!). Whatever our tradition will be, it will be centered around the changing seasons, not accmulating vast amounts of high fructose cron syrup


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