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So, being a research fanatic is hard work. Fortunately, I often times will come across really great organizations that do all the work for me, and this is exactly what I found when it was time to purchase a new car seat for Liam. Yes, he has already outgrown his old one, can you believe it??? I know, I know, he may not be super-sized like some of my friend’s (yes, plural) 30 lb. 8 month olds who grew out of their infant seats at 3 months, but he’s big to me 🙂

When I started researching car seats a while back, I learned that (surprise, surprise) not only are they putting toxics in our food supply, but apparently they are putting them in our children’s car seats as well. (Hmm..what are we going to do with “them”?) You may be reading this thinking to yourself, “Well, I don’t have children, so I am not concerned.” However, what you may not know, is that chances are, they are in your car seats as well. What kind of chemicals are in these seats you ask? Well, only bromine, PVC’s, phtalates, and lead (to name a few)!! Here is an excerpt from their site

“Plastics used in vehicle interiors and child car seats contain many chemicals that are added during the production processes to impart specific properties such as rigidity, durability or flame resistance. Many of these chemicals are not chemically bound to the parts and are consequently released into the environment during the life of the product. One of the common ways chemicals are released is referred to as “off-gassing,” and evidence of this is sometimes present as a window film or “fogging” that develops on the inside of the windshield. Heat can accelerate this process and UV exposure may also cause chemicals to break down into even more toxic compounds. The mix of chemicals released from materials used inside the car can be inhaled or ingested by drivers and passengers through dust and air, potentially causing allergic or other acute reactions. These chemicals have also been linked in animal studies to long-term health impacts such as birth defects, impaired learning, liver toxicity and cancer. The concern with the commercial use of these chemicals is that consumers are exposed to them from many sources in addition to auto interiors, and the combination of these many exposures may lead to harm.”

And there’s more where that came from. So when read the site, I learned that Sunshine Kids makes the only toxic-free children’s car seat on the market. There are many companies that make low-toxic seats, but Sunshine Kids is the only non-toxic one in the “convertible” car seat selection for 2008. When I started researching company, I found out that they were based locally in Kent, WA. Even better I thought! However, come to find out, like so many other American companies, even though they are based here, the seats are manufactured in China. So now I am faced with a dillemma. Should I poison my child or contribute money to human rights abuses? (decisions, decisions!) But seriously, it’s a tough call. I consciously avoid buying everything else from human rights abusers, but when it comes to exposing my child to toxic chemicals, I think I can make an exception. ANd that is exaclty what I did. So now Liam is cruising around in his super cool Radian 65! To see how healthy your car seats are, click here.


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