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Little Things, Take Two

So recently I wrote a post, What does your pizza box say?, about how when asked why I love Seattle, I often resort to answers such as the outdoors, the open-mindedness, blah-blah-blah, but when it really comes down to it, it’s the little things like what’s on my pizza box that truly explain how I feel. Anywho, since I come accross these “little things” all the time, I figured I would start a series. So for my two loyal readers out there, Ray and Aunt Lyn, be on the lookout for more “little things” to come.

Little thing number 2: My neighbors yard man uses words like primordial and assimilate.  In fact, he used more four-syllable words than my last professor at UNF. And he was smart! I just happened to be out taking the family for a walk on a beautiful October day, and I got drawn into a conversation I swear came out of an essay in my Freshman year philosophy course. But no, the yard man was not Decartes incarnate, he was a yard man.


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