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So my step-father has been talking for years about this little Bahamian restaurant in Pompano Beach, FL, Calypso. Living in Jacksonville and Seattle, it’s been a tough time actually getting around to going. However, this past Tuesday I finally made the trek, and boy was it worth it! Although its already Zagat rated, I figured I would give it a little rating of my own:

Food: Between the three of us, we were all happy with our choices. We started with conch salad and the grilled conch. Aside from conch at a sushi place and in soup, I never really ate conch. Both were awesome, especially the grilled conch. I think I would make the trip just for that. You can order it as an appetizer, a lunch, or a dinner portion. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. My stepfather had the fish and chips, my mom had the Shrimp Cutter (Bahamian for sandwich), and I ahd a bowl of conch chowder. All if the choices were great. The cutter was basically a toasted kaiser roll hollowed out and filled with butter, garilc, mushrooms, lots of cheese and a good amount of shrimp. Delish!

Decor: Cute Carribbean theme, steel drum music, but nothing too fancy. Very Casual (duh!) Personally, decor is the least thing that’s important to me, as long as its clean!

Service: Great! No complaints

Price: Luckily, I didn’t pay (Thanks Dale!), but the prices looked reasonable; $8-12 lunches. One little tip though, dinner prices are much higher and the portions aren’t much bigger, so definitely hit it up before 4.



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