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Liam’s New Ride

After much reasearch (I don’t think I do anything without “much research”), I decided to buy Liam a Baby Jogger. It is awesome. We first found out about this company when shopping at Merry Go Round in Bellevue, WA. Not one of my favorite stores, but a great place to go to try out strollers, furniture, and car seats. We saw a few different brands there, but were super impressed with this company. We knew it would be perfect for long walks in the Arboretum and around our neighborhood with the worst sidewalks known to man.

Being such a hardcore advocate of baby-wearing, I was a little doubtful that Liam would even like being in it. Boy was I wrong! He absolutely loves it! While I still plan on wearing him in the Ergo or his ring sling when we are out and about, this stroller will be so nice to visit all of those great Seattle parks with 🙂 Carkeek, Lincoln, Seward here we come!


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