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While Liam and I were in Florida, he also got his first two teeth! Dad said that he better not get any more before we got home to Seattle, but I assured him that if there is any milestone to miss, it’s a teething infant. First steps, crawling, first words; none of those include screaming. I must say though, he has done very well with the whole teething thing. I was afraid that he would be in so much pain that I would be tempted to give him Tylenol, but it seems that as long as I carry him around, he’s been relieved with just taking Hyland’s Teething Tablets. ( A word of caution with Hyland’s teething products, while the homeopathic tablets are great, I did notice that their “teething gel” contains parabens, so be careful!).

I must confess that preparing for the whole teething process was a bit scary for me. I heard horror stories from friends, read horror stories in books; none of which I looked forward to experiencing first hand. I knew that I wanted to research and try as many natural remedies as I could find before giving him Orajel or Tylenol and so far, I have been pleasantly surprised with the results. Here are a few home remedies that I have found useful:

  1. A cold carrot. A friend of my mothers recommended a frozen carrot and I thought it sounded like a pretty good idea. However, while frozen carrots are great, thawed carrots are a little mushy and a little cold to handle. Since he only has two little teeth, there is no worry about him biting off a piece that he could choke on.
  2. Clove oil. Put 1 drop of clove oil in 3 tablespoons of olive oil and massage it on their gums. Clove oil has a pleasant taste and natural antiseptic properties. CAUTION: I read that excessive use can cause blistering, so always make sure it is diluted in oil and do not use frequently. I use it once or twice a day.
  3. Licorice Root Powder. You can find it at your local health food store with the bulk spices. All you do is mix a little with water and make a paste to put on their gums. It helps reduce redness and swelling and you don’t have to worry about overusing it.
  4. A frozen washcloth. I don’t think I need to explain. If you don’t have time to freeze one, take a few ice cubes, wrap a washcloth around it and tie it somehow so the cubes don’t fall out. Liam’s gram put one together when we were in Florida and it worked great!
  5. A wooden teething ring. I was able to get one made for me by WoodenTreasures on Etsy. The man was super-nice and the teething ring is beautiful! You already know how I feel about plastics, so I feel way better letting him chew on that over a plastic ring (even if it is PVC free).

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